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[23 Jan 2009 | 59 Comments | 46,440 views]

The benefits of a fully computerized health record system in President Elect Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan
President-elect Barack Obama recently spoke at George Mason University on the economy and his plans for it. One of his main promises was that he would take steps to computerize paper health records within a period of five years. This according to Obama would eliminate red tape while… Continue reading

Document Management, Medical Records »

[17 Jan 2009 | 62 Comments | 44,614 views]

Technology promises many important advances in the way the medical industry maintains health records. By introducing new technology and electronic medical records, health-care professionals can prevent medical mistakes, and provide more cost effective record management. Technology improves efficiency and productivity while leading to better health care value. The health care industry has long been at the forefront of technological innovation and this is particularly evidenced by the growth in electronic… Continue reading

Data Storage »

[8 Jan 2009 | 4 Comments | 6,144 views]

The Iomega StorCenter ix2 1TB (2HD x 500GB ) and 2 TB (2HD x 1000GB) is a network attached storage solution for small office networks. The StorCenter ix2 is a cost effective solution for data protection or increasing network storage capacity.

This Storage Area Network hard drive offers RAID 1 (Mirroring) and JBOD (Just A Bunch of Disks) options. The dual drives setup with RAID… Continue reading

Smartphone, Web Based Document Management »

[1 Jan 2009 | 33 Comments | 29,994 views]

Qipit online copy service is a document scanning solution for your smartphone.
Turn your camera phone into a compact document scanner with Qipit. You capture and convert images taken with a camera cell-phone to PDF files.
It is real easy, just send pictures from with your phone via email to Qipit. For multi-page documents, attach each image file to your email in the order you want… Continue reading