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A Simple Solution for Dealing with Duplicate Images

8 March 2010 8,322 views 4 Comments


Most of us have sworn that we will never go back to using our old film cameras now that we have started using a digital camera. The digital cameras are just so nice. The best part about them is that we no longer have to pay to develop a roll of film only to discover that the pictures we took were terrible.

Even thought the digital camera is one of the trendiest gadgets available today, that doesn’t mean that digital cameras aren’t without flaws. We have a tendency to take a whole bunch of photos and then leave them on the hard drive of our computers. This takes up a great deal of our computers memory. One of the most confusing things about the digital photos is how we end up with so many duplicate copies of the photos.

How We Get Duplicate Images

The reason that most of us get so many duplicate photos is that, since we don’t have to worry about developing the film, we take lots of photos of one thing. We figure that we will keep the best photo and delete the ones that didn’t turn out quite as nice. The problem is that it can be hard to see all of the photo’s features in your camera’s LCD screen so you transfer all of the photos to your computer where you know that the large screen will make it easier to select the best shot.

The problem is that when you upload your duplicate images from your digital camera to your computer it can sometimes be very difficult to figure our where the duplicate images have gone.

Until recently the only way to find your duplicate photos was to spend hours on your computer, slowly picking your way through photo after photo and moving the ones you wanted to keep to their very own individual file. Not only was this project time consuming it was also mind numbing.

A Better Solution

The good news is that there is an easier way to sort through your duplicate images. All you have to do is purchase some image comparison software. After you install the software onto your computer it will scan your digital photos for you and automatically store all the similar photos in one file that you will be able to find easily the next time you want to work with your pictures.

Digital comparison software is simple, easy to use, and won’t take up a large portion of your computer’s hard drive.

Although you will have to pay for the software, the amount of time that you save sorting through and organizing your digital photos will justify the cost.

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  • Mark Sanders said:

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  • Mark Sanders said:

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